Tangled, knot

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I attended an interesting talk on Knot Theory yesterday by Professor Tim Porter from the University of Wales. Dr. Michael Brennan Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) got me interested in Knot Theory some time back – I keep thinking there is something in this field that can help with un-tangling software dependencies.  Well, either way,… Read more »

Using Cyclomatic Complexity Effectively

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I came across an interesting post from Sriram Narayan on the ThoughtWorks blog about how to use Cyclomatic Complexity effectively. Cyclomatic Complexity (CC) being the number of execution paths through a function or method. Sriram makes a case for measuring the CC per 100 lines of code (which he calls CC100).  This concept of an… Read more »

Saving Software Structure

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Headway’s soon-to-be-announced, new release of Structure101 has one basic additional capability – it let’s you regularly “publish” (“save” to you and me) the structure of one or more projects in a central location (called a “repository”). Not such a Big Deal you might think, but it spins off a surprising number of ways to get… Read more »