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I just heard through an OMG mailing list that the 2 main techies (and presumably the founders)  at Klocwork are leaving the company. Klocwork are a Canadian company that started off tackling a similar problem to Headway, and spent even more VC money than us drifting from one positioning to another. They seem to have rested for a while on "software security", though their home page mentions a half dozen other themes. 

I empathize with the Klocworks marketing team in their efforts to find the "right" positioning for this kind of stuff. Software structure can help with Developer Productivity and Code Browsing and Software Quality and Software Defect Detection and probably even Software Security. That’s why Headway just went with Software Structure. We’ll keep producing the best products for seeing, understanding, measuring, modifying and controlling Software Structure and let our customers figure out what to do with it.

Anyway, Djenana Campara (CTO) and Nikolai Mansurov (Chief Architect, I think) invested surprising amounts of effort (given the company’s positioning) creating the Knowledge-Driven Modernization (KDM) task force in the OMG. Now we know why – the married couple have found a new nest – KDM Analytics. Guys, I wish you the very best, and keep the dream alive!

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