Struts more twisted than Spring

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The structure of Struts is characterized by a nasty dependency tangle that starts at the class-level and percolates up through the package and design-levels. Following my blog on Spring’s “almost perfect” structure, I thought I’d take a look at another open source project in a similar space to perhaps shed a light on common structural… Read more »

“Tangles” rather than “Cycles”

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I’ve been asked recently why I talk about "tangles" rather than "cycles" in the context of cyclic dependencies. The reason is clear when you look at a graph that contains a "strongly connected component" (a tangle):   This graph contains a single tangle of 3 nodes, but many cycles. tiles – xmlDefinition – tiles is… Read more »

Spring’s Structure is “almost perfect”

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Keith Donald reports that Spring’s architecture contains not a single dependency cycle. I’ve looked at the structure of many open source projects and generally found them riddled with dependency tangles (junit is an exception – perhaps unsurprising given its small size). So I loaded Spring into structure101 ( for a closer look. And sure enough,… Read more »

More on M.C. Escher and software projects

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This is for Paddy and Paul who are having trouble with the principle of design “emergence” and didn’t really get my blog on Eschers “Hands”.¬† Luckily Escher also predicted other software design processes. Guys, do either of these feel more like your projects? ūüėČ (Apologies to the late Maurits Conelis – I cropped the image… Read more »

M.C. Esher and Emergent Design

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Kevin Kelly gave a talk to the Long Now Foundation called “The Next 100 Years of Science: Long-term Trends in the Scientific Method”. He talks about recursion and emergence from complexity and mentioned Escher’s “Drawing Hands”. Is this the perfect metaphor for the continuous control of emergent design or what?!

The Long Now Foundation

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If you like a heavy dose of “context” check out the seminars from the Long Now Foundation. I just returned from an extremely enjoyable 2 week vacation in Nerja in the south of Spain (thanks Joe for the recommendation). But as a complete talk-radio addict, I was more than a tad concerned before I departed… Read more »