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If you like a heavy dose of “context” check out the seminars from the Long Now Foundation.

I just returned from an extremely enjoyable 2 week vacation in Nerja in the south of Spain (thanks Joe for the recommendation).

But as a complete talk-radio addict, I was more than a tad concerned before I departed as to how I would survive without hearing John Humphreys on the BBC Radio 4 Today program savaging the poor beleaguered minister de jour each morning (sad, I know).  How could I sleep without the World Service assuring me that even though the world was going to hell in a hand basket, at least I knew how, where and why?  Basically, I get existential angst if I’m force to go without a focus for more than a few minutes (“Quick! Do something! I’m starting to think! [Homer Jay Simson]) …

As luck would have it, I bumped into Eamonn de Leastar, co-founder of the amazingly successful research group, the TSSG.  He put me on to the Long Now Foundation. They have the humble goal to understand the factors that will affect the world in the next 10,000 years. They’ve done wacky stuff like built a 10,000 year clock, but mostly they have monthly seminars with seriously credible presenters that are given a full hour on how their area of specialty can impact our ability to survive in the Long Now. Then there’s Q and A from an enthusiastic San Francisco audience – truly great stuff!

You can download the lot onto your MP3 player. Totally put the gravy on my holiday cake.

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