Holarchy 101

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Herbert Simon’s parable of the watchmakers was constructed to convey his belief that complex systems will evolve from simple systems much more rapidly if there are stable intermediate forms present in that evolutionary process than if they are not present. Arthur Koestler built on this in his 1967 book “The Ghost in the Machine“, in… Read more »

The parable of the two watchmakers

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The parable of the two watchmakers was introduced by Nobel Prize winner Herbert Simon to describe the complex relationship of subsystems and their larger wholes. There once were two watchmakers, named Hora and Tempus, who made very fine watches. The phones in their workshops rang frequently and new customers were constantly calling them. However, Hora… Read more »

Travelin’ lite (the only way to fly)

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Of course, you can’t code up a (meaningful) system without some number of building blocks. So even in a perfectly architected and layered system, you inevitably accumulate some baggage as you move up the stack. The trick, though, is to try and minimize this (while also hiding off the details of the contents). This is… Read more »