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With the recent v3.4 release of Structure101, we have included plugins for Maven and Sonar.

The Maven plugin makes it really easy to include checks for complexity and architecture violations as part of your build, and report or break the build accordingly.

The Sonar plugin displays Structure101 architecture diagrams overlaid with any layering rule violations, and adds over-complexity to whatever other metrics you monitor in Sonar.

One other significant change in Structure101 v3.4 is that the package vs. jar hierarchies have been promoted to the project level – you make the decision on which “breakout” you want to use when you create your project. Making the jar hierarchy a first-class citizen means you can detect complexity at the jar level, and use the architecture diagrams to define jar dependency/layering rules.

Plus we gave the icons a face-lift so they look all young and slick again…


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