Why cycles explode complexity

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Software developers and architects would instinctively avoid cyclic dependencies given the choice – we’d never consciously create an architecture which was a ball of mud. For instance we’d be more inclined to aim for something like this … rather than something like this (same components but with cyclic dependencies) … Why? Well the second system… Read more »

Why does the violation count change when I collapse a cell on a Structure101 Architecture Diagram?

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This will happen when there is one or more violations contained within the scope of the cell you are collapsing. For example you might have this situation: And the violations count is show as 3(4) in the Diagrams list: (i.e. there are 3 class-to-class violations, and a total of 4 when you count the detailed… Read more »

Structure101 combines multi-award-winning products for organising a codebase

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Retrofitting software architecture Structure101 Studio, combining the award-winning Structure101 and Restructure101 products, is now generally available. Structure101 Studio makes it feasible to discover, define, communicate, and enforce an architecture for an existing codebase, without major upfront surgery. Structure101 achieves this by letting the software architect construct an external model of the architecture while simultaneously mapping the… Read more »