Comparing and Tracking Structure

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We‘ve just opened up a repository of Structure101 data to web access.  The repository contains structural data on some open source projects at points in time and the associated Structure101 Tracker web app lets you compare the amount of excessive structural complexity (XS) accross the projects, charts how it has changed over time, and then… Read more »

Refactoring Designs and Architectures

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I came across a thread in the refactoring group in which Mikael Freidlitz had tentatively asked the following: > I know that some would say that I’m way off since ‘The Code is the Design’ > and all, but I still insist that there has to be a way to apply > refactoring on design… Read more »

Tangles by Design

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This one goes out to the listener in France that doubted my word that you can take tangle-free classes and create tangles by careless packaging. It prompted me to dig out a sequence of diagrams that nicely show how this happens. We start with a set of code items on the left (maybe classes) with… Read more »

All about Fat and Tangles

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Welcome to my new weblog.  I intend this to be mostly about the stuff we do at Headway, though I’m sure to digress occasionally. At Headway, we go on a bit about structural patterns we call Fat and Tangles (much more on these later), and those that have met me will understand why I considered… Read more »