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Welcome to the Structure101g Developer Guide.

Structure101g is our generic version of Structure101 that can be used to model any and every domain.


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Eclipse plugins (OSGi)

This guide is a set of documents and example code aimed at developers who wish to extend Structure101g to support a particular domain.

Important: Custom domains require a domain-specific license. Please contact for details.

Broadly, the process is as follows.

The first step is to write some code that analyzes an instance of the domain in question and outputs an XML data file in the appropriate format. In some cases, this will involve some form of parsing of domain-specific entities. In others, there will already be some tool or framework that you can re-use, such that you only need to provide some glue to extract/convert the data to the required format.

The second step is to give Structure101g some additional information specific to your domain. This is achieved by defining a flavor - this boils down to some metadata about the types of items and dependencies that can occur in this domain, plus some resources (icons).

Finally, you may wish to define a runner for your flavor. Basically, this is a case of exposing the data file generation code so that it can be invoked directly from the Structure101g UI. This is optional.

This guide also includes a few example implementations to help you on your way.


The full developer guide (including the example flavors pack with source code) is available online at