Today we are very pleased to announce the general availability of Restructure101 version 1.0 for Java and .NET. Restructure101 lets software developers refactor their software architecture to remove costly dependency tangles and structural complexity.

We developed an interactive visual model called the Levelized Structure Map (LSM) which was specifically designed to allow software architects delve into structural problems and to explore solutions by directly manipulating the model in a sandbox environment.

“Restructure101 is the fulfillment of a vision – nothing less than the manipulation of software files and functions with the same ease that has been available to hardware engineers for decades” said Headway CEO, Chris Chedgey, “the key is to understand the vast number of interdependencies in as much detail as necessary, without overwhelming the user. The LSM was the breakthrough we needed”.

Restructure101 integrates with common IDEs so that simulated refactoring actions can be performed on the physical code base.

Restructure101 is a new addition to the widely used Structure101 product family that supports the definition, communication and enforcement of architecture across the whole development team.

“Restructure101 makes it easy to fit a codebase to the architecture I want, Structure101 keeps it that way – it’s as simple as that”, said Eran Harel, Software Architect with Outbrain.

Check out our features overview screencast.

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