@chedgey met up with a couple of JUG leaders at the recent Java One, and between them they bashed out our sponsorship of Java User Groups worldwide.

We would be delighted to also extend our offer to the .NET User Group (DNUG) community. If you are interested all you need to do is contact us. Details of our sponsorship are after the fold:

  • We will provide one fully functional perpetual license of Structure101 Studio to one attendee at each user group meeting.
  • Meeting organizers can decide how and to whom they grant the licenses, but we would like the winners to be announced at the meeting.
  • The organizers should send a mail titled “Structure101 Winner” to usergroup-sponsorship@structure101.com and cc the winner with the location/date of the meeting and the names/emails of the winner.
  • The user group will place our logo in the sponsors section of their site with a link back to www.structure101.com.
  • For each meeting where licenses are offered, the meeting organizers should include a footnote, including the link: “Meeting sponsored by Structure101 for Tangle free software”.
  • For the groups that avail of the sponsorship we ask that the user group leader either adds us to their mailing list or mails us with a link to their list.
  • We will provide each participating user group leader with one personal license of Structure101 Studio.

Our sponsorship offer is valid through the end of 2013.

We would also be more than happy to speak at the various user groups on the subject of “modularizing existing code and keeping it modularized”. If a user group leader would like us to speak please just drop us a mail.

Thanks Jim and Michael for all your help!



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