Retrofitting software architecture

Structure101 Studio, combining the award-winning Structure101 and Restructure101 products, is now generally available.

Structure101 Studio makes it feasible to discover, define, communicate, and enforce an architecture for an existing codebase, without major upfront surgery. Structure101 achieves this by letting the software architect construct an external model of the architecture while simultaneously mapping the model right into the code.

Structure101 Studio then inserts the newly-defined architecture into the development workflow, supporting the deliberate evolution of the model with each iteration, always keeping code and model synchronised. The separation of model from the code means that teams gain the benefit of architecture-driven development immediately, while feeding model-code alignment tasks into the workflow at a pace that fits with project schedules.

Disorganized codebases are a huge problem in the software industry. Without meaningful higher-level abstractions to guide them, developers drown in an ever-expand sea of source files, and this exacts a heavy tax on every development activity. Tools can visualize existing physical structures, but these structures are generally accidental or arbitrary, so just understanding them is of limited benefit. Structure101 Studio lets you draw on the existing structures to develop new, meaningful architectures. Simply put, developers get more done when the codebase is organized.

Structure101 Studio is a major step forward in our vision of giving teams the tools they need to retrofit a modular architecture to any existing codebase with a fraction of the effort and risk of starting over.

Chris Chedgey, Founder Structure101


We have been using Structure101 and Restructure101 at Adesso since 2011, upgrading to Structure101 Studio was an easy decision. It unifies both tools and makes it much easier to not just analyze the architecture of a project but improve it on the spot. It has become a standard tool and we are educating every architect in its usage.

Eberhard Wolff, Head of Technology Advisory Board, Adesso AG


Pricing and Availability

Structure101 Studio is available for purchase online at US$995 per user from Personal licenses can be purchased for US$395. While licenses are available for free for use on open source projects and for academic purposes.

To download a fully functional, 30-day free trial visit

Learn more

To learn more about Structure101 Studio:

  • Visit the product section on to understand the process of organising a codebase and how it fits with your existing workflow.
  • Visit the resources section on for concise training videos and full product documentation.
About Structure101

Structure101 provides an agile architecture development environment (ADE) that lets the software development team organize a codebase into a modular hierarchy with low and controlled coupling.

According to the US Department of Defense, well structured software is delivered in half the time, at half the cost, and with 8x less bugs.

Structure101 supports C/C++, Java, .Net, ActionScript, InterSystems Cache Objects, Pascal, PHP, Python, SQL and UML.

Structure101 won the 2008 & 2011 Dr Dobb’s Jolt Productivity Award in the Architecture & Design category, and the 2012 JAX most innovative Java technology award.

Thousands of customers every day use Structure101 to manage the architecture of more than a billion lines of code, and have claimed Structure101 shaved months of calendar time and man years of effort off a single project.

Customers include Apache Software Foundation, BMW, Cantor Fitzgerald, Cisco, Credit Suisse, Ebay, Euro Bank, European Commission, Financial Times, GE, JBoss, Junit, Life Technologies, Netflix, RBS, Sony Mobile, Thoughtworks, United Healthcare, VMware, Workday, Wells Fargo, Zurich Financial.

Structure101 is a small, privately-held, distributed, bootstrapped and profitable company with staff located over 5 countries and 3 continents.

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