Upcoming JUG Appearances

Headway founder, Chris Chedgey, will be presenting “Modularizing an existing code-base” at the following Java User Group Events in the first quarter of 2012: Brussels Java User Group, January 12, April 26 Berlin Java User Group, March 6 Essen Java … Read More

Making Hudson/Jenkins builds unstable on architecture violations or bad dependencies.

Structure101 Build (for Java, .Net and more) can be invoked in Hudson/Jenkins via an Ant, Maven or Execute Shell Script build step. In this post I will show example use cases of how to use each build step, and how … Read MoreRead More

Structure101 User Group Sponsorship

@chedgey met up with a couple of JUG leaders at the recent Java One, and between them they bashed out our sponsorship of Java User Groups worldwide. We would be delighted to also extend our offer to the .NET User Group (DNUG) community. If … Read MoreRead More

A guide to using the Structure101-Maven-Plugin

Checking architecture conformance or complexity thresholds at build time is easy to set up with the Structure101 Maven Plugin – this is a step-by-step guide, discussing some options along the way. … Read More

The Structure101 Project Model

So you just opened a Repository project, edited the Architecture diagrams, only to discover that there is no way to save your edits! What is going on here?! Our project model is somewhat convoluted – there is a sort of logic … Read MoreRead More

Disentangling .NET Namespaces

If architectural drift is addressed before monolithic code tangles have formed, the higher-level components can be disentangled by relatively low cost/risk relocation of classes between components. Otherwise more invasive class-level surgery is needed – this is possible with Restructure101, but … Read More

General availability of Restructure101 for Java and .NET

Today we are very pleased to announce the general availability of Restructure101 version 1.0 for Java and .NET. Restructure101 lets software developers refactor their software architecture to remove costly dependency tangles and structural complexity. We developed an interactive visual model … Read MoreRead More

Making JUnit 4.8.2 tangle free – a possible solution

The purpose of this exercise was to use Restructure101 to solve tangles in JUnit version 4.8.2. … Read More

Introducing Levelized Structure Maps (LSM)

Levelized Structure Maps (LSM) are a new, intuitive way to visualize and manipulate software systems. Using LSM, large-scale refactoring to remove dependency tangles and other over-complexity, becomes second nature. LSM are the core of Restructure101. Items in the LSM are levelized … Read MoreRead More

Headway to introduce Restructure101 at Lausanne JUG – Feb 10th

Headway founder, Chris Chedgey, will make the first public presentation of Restructure101 at the Lausanne JUG, 18:30 February 10th,  at the Moevenpick Hotel in Lausanne, Switzerland. Interesting format for the event. Five “static analysis” vendors (Coverity, Parasoft, Xdepend, Sonar, and … Read More