IDE Plugins

Structure101 plugins are available for Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and Microsoft's Visual Studio. Structure101 plugins let you communicate and influence your architecture as it actually happens - when code is edited in the IDE.

Once you have published architecture diagrams and a reference snapshot (e.g. the latest build) to a Structure101 repository, it is time for the team to install the IDE plug-in.

the structure101 architecture Eclipse plugin and architecture IntelliJ plugin brings your software architecture directly to the developers

The developers can now see the architecture diagrams within the development environment, with violating dependencies overlaid. A mouse click takes them direct to the source of any violations.

More importantly, they will be warned if they create any new violations (relative to the reference snapshot). This means that they can make sure that their current work is in accordance with the intended architecture, without feeling overwhelmed by warnings for prior violations.

By communicating the architecture and keeping a lid on violations in this way, the code-base will tend to evolve towards the intended structure almost effortlessly, without disrupting ongoing development.

Structure101 plugins can be downloaded and installed freely (but it only works off data saved by Structure101).

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  1. Pete Haidinyak

    Will there be a plugin for IntelliJ 14.0?