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Visualizing the structure that emerges from source code to instantly boost architectural accuracy and developer productivity.


Add API and dependency specs to the emergent model to guide the team as they edit code, and to catch violations at build time.


Manipulate the visual model to disentangle monoliths, making the visualized, specified codebase more modular and even easier to adapt and develop.

Explore an interactive structural model of your codebase. Specify API’s, dependencies, and layering.  Find regions of complex structure or API violations. Figure out how to break monoliths into modular structures. Simulate structural refactoring work before time is spent on major code editing. Share action lists and specs with Workspace and Build to make it happen.

See how the local code you’re working on relates to the architecture and specs from Studio. Immediately spot dependency changes, new API violations or worsening complexity. Connect your editor to easily navigate from model to source, and source to model. 

Check and record your projects’ structure as it changes. Report on new or worsening structural complexity, API and dependency violations. Applies specs created by Studio to the new code, and records data for tracking in Dashboard. Plugs into your build or CI system and integrates with code quality platforms such as Hudson/Jenkins, Maven, SonarQube, etc.

Track structural over-complexity, the degree of specification and modularity, and the number of API violations over time. See lists of specific problem code items and containers, including which problems are new/fixed or got worse/better in the last build. 

Who uses what?

The Structure101 components can be used independently but are most effective when used together to realize the team’s structural priorities. Those wearing the architect’s hat will generally use Studio to set up the Structure101 project and specify action lists and API specs. These are then visible to programmers via Workspace who benefit from consistent architectural understanding and guidance as it relates to their immediate activities. Dashboards let team leads and managers track progress toward structural and architectural goals. 

Our Experts

Accelerate your adoption of our Structure101 products, formulate structural control strategies, and plan major refactoring projects with the help of our team. We have decades of combined experience helping customers to achieve the impossible with Structure101 products, principles and practices. If you are in a hurry to tame that monolith, or feel overwhelmed by the scale of the problem, we are ready to help you to achieve your goals, and become structure experts too!


…and loved

"Belongs in the standard tool-box of everyone interested in defining and safeguarding architecture."
Markus Eisele
Director Developer Advocacy
"Shaved months of calendar time and man years of effort off the project."
Bill Jackson
"Amazing product to help you approach the process of analyzing & improving a large codebase."
Paul Mclachlan

  Available for Java, .Net, C/C++ & more



  Available for Java, .Net, C/C++ & more


Free companion Connector plugins for Eclipse, Eclipse CDT & IDEA, with Visual Studio and VS Code coming soon.

  Available for Java, .Net, C/C++ & more



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