Organize for success

Structure101 is an agile architecture development environment (ADE) that lets the software development team organize a codebase.

Building its model direct from the code, Structure101 empowers architects to work with the team to maintain architecture rules, diagrams and action lists that organize a codebase into a modular hierarchy with low and controlled coupling.

Organize your codebase


Although the value of modularity is universally understood, most codebases lack modularity above the class. This leaves development teams drowning in a sea of classes and poorly understood dependencies.

This is a huge driver of cost - it makes it difficult or impossible to know the impact of changes, what to test, where to add code.


To extend modularity you first visualize, then organize. Once visualized the need for organization is obvious. Give it a try!

Our multi-award winning products not only highlight structural issues but recommend solutions.

Much of the up-front work is done through modeling, which minimizes the amount of code refactoring, risk and effort. The process of editing the model involves 2 types of changes: implementation level changes ("refactoring") and grouping of classes according to the naturally occurring dependencies in the code ("organizing").

With the desired model in place all future changes to the code can be cross-checked against the model, verifying the code’s conformity to the defined architecture.

Changes to the model can be passed through to the development team for implementation in a manner that fits your release schedule, allowing for a gradual alignment of the physical structure to the model and without need for major upfront code surgery.

Lower costs and improve productivity

“I must say the developers love the new layering. My day-to-day job is much simpler because violations are becoming rare as time goes by.”

Frédérick Beaupré, Lead C++ Architect, Innovmetric

More than just refactoring

There is overlap between refactoring and organizing but the concepts are different in important ways.

Refactoring Organizing
Code: Changes to improve non-functional attributes Moving chunks of code around to improve modularity
Behavior: Doesn't change Doesn't change
Driven by: Subjectivity Objectivity and empirical data
Risk: Moderate Low
Result: Code is readable Codebase is understandable
Scope: Small worlds of a few classes at a time; what you see in the IDE Whole codebase; what you see in the ADE

Award-winning products

New Structure101 Studio combines our two award-winning products Structure101 and Restructure101.

It's the fruit of more than 10 years of continuous refinement and development.

It's the best and most complete solution we've ever made.

Satisfied customers

Amazing product to help you approach the process of analyzing & improving a large codebase.

Paul Mclachlan
CTO, Apptio

I've used Structure101 for almost 5 years now. It has become an integral part of our continuous build process.

James Walker
CTO, Cantor Fitzgerald

Gives you the ability to immediately enter into a tangled code base and start making positive changes that make the code tractable.

Alex Karasulu
Apache Software Foundation

Belongs in the standard tool-box of everyone interested in defining and safeguarding architecture.

Markus Eisele
Principal Architect, MSG Systems

Shaved months of calendar time and man years of effort off the project.

Bill Jackson
Senior Software Engineer, Netflix

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