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Node-locked Subscription

Licenses are subscription per named user per year, and include support and all updates.

Floating Subscription

Licenses are subscription per concurrent user per language, per year and include support and all updates.


Licenses are subscription per user per year, and include support and all updates.

Free companion IDE Connector plugins available for Eclipse, Eclipse CDT and IntelliJ IDEA, with support for Visual Studio and VS Code coming soon.

Structure101 Build comes in two editions.

The standard edition, Structure101 Build, lets you publish to a local or cloud-based (AWS, Jfrog) XML file-based repository.

Structure101 Soda Build includes all the features of the standard edition, while additionally enabling publishing to a Structure101 Soda dependency database, and availing of all the Structure101 Soda capabilities.

Node-locked Subscription

Licenses are subscription per server, per language, per year and include support and all updates.

Structure101 Build
Structure101 Soda Build

Floating Subscription

Licenses are subscription per concurrent server per language, per year and include support and all updates.

Structure101 Build
Structure101 Soda Build

Refund policy

We offer a 30 day “no questions asked” refund policy.


Pricing may vary slightly depending on country, taxes and reseller.

For individual developers.

If you, as an individual, are purchasing a Structure101 license using your own funds, then the personal license is right for you.

Personal licenses are not available to companies in any way or form. Transfer of personal licenses to any third party and/or reimbursement for personal license purchase by a company are prohibited.

For individuals who live within the EU and who are not registered for Value Added Tax, VAT will be added at your local VAT rate.

Choose one of Java, .Net, or Understand (with support for C/C++, Pascal and Python from

License including 1-year support and upgrade subscription

Open Source Project License

For use on non-commercial open source projects.

Active committers on open source projects are eligible for free licenses, so long as the project is not supported by commercial companies, does not provide any paid support, consulting or training services, and does not distribute paid versions of the project software.

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Academic License

For educational institutions, trainers and classes.

Students and teaching staff are eligble for free Structure101 licenses, we just need confirmation of your employment at an educational institution, or your student card details.

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The quick and easy way, right from our webstore

The "we don't need your credit cards details" way

Email us with details of your order and we will email you a request for payment via Stripe or PayPal. You can then pay by credit card (with or without a PayPal or Stripe account) and we never get to see details of your credit card.

Purchase order

If you need to issue a purchase order you can email or fax us your order and we would be happy to issue you with an invoice.

The reseller way

Many large enterprises prefer to purchase through a limited number of suppliers and purchase much of their software through large software resellers. We work regularly with a number of resellers, including Comparex, Componentsource, Insight, and SHI. So if you already have a preferred out-sourced procurement company, contact them directly and ask them to contact us.


Support entitles you to email support Monday - Friday 09.00 - 17.30 GMT, excluding Irish public holidays. Customers with up-to-date support are entitled to all updates.

License agreement

If you wish to view our standard End User License Agreement before purchasing, it is available here.

License activation codes

Structure101 uses the Nalpeiron cloud based licensing service, requiring an internet connection for activation.

Upon purchase we provide a numeric activation code.

Activation codes determine the Structure101 product(s) you can use, the number of users, the language(s) supported, and the type of license.

If you are not currently licensed to use Structure101, you will be prompted to Activate on startup. When prompted, please enter your name, company, email address and the activation code provided.

Note: If you do not have online access, or cannot determine your proxy settings, please contact us, as we can arrange offline file-based activation.

More questions?

If you need any further information before buying just let us know.