NEW! A queryable repository of high-fidelity dependency data to inform a wide range of engineering activities.

Soda is a new product that comprises parser/publishers, database, server and frontend. Together this gives you unlimited query capabilities into the high-fidelity dependency data within and between projects/versions/branches via our rich frontend pages, query builders, and RESTful API. Use Soda to track structural complexity and architecture violations over time, interactively browse project structure, and perform task-specific queries.

Enhanced Dashboard

Soda includes an enhanced dashboard that presents any defined architectural specs and lets you see selected measures and violations charted over time or as lists of problem items.

Dependency graphs


Soda lets you browse a nested dependency graph of your projects, and to select higher-level dependencies to discover the underlying code references that cause them. You can download large lists of dependencies for local processing in e.g. Excel.

Dependency queries

Use pattern-based queries to find items, dependencies and (directly or indirectly) dependent items, for example to assess the impact of changes.

API usage checking

Check the usage of modules or libraries for usage of deprecated items or items not in a specified public API folder. You can even check for items that may be deprecated in later versions of the library, or just find new problem dependencies from a previous build. This can check many libraries in a single query.

Divergence checking

Divergence queries let you discover how your project code uses changed code in other branches or versions of library components. This lets you assess the impact of an upgrade or merge in advance, so that you can e.g. assess whether to upgrade before or after the next release of your project. Soda detects differences in source code at the granularity of method/functions so that chains of dependence within your project can be evaluated.

Dependency Query Langage

A rich Dependency Query Language lets you build queries within the Soda frontend or via from external components via the RESTful API. This lets you use the Soda dependency data from with your own workflows and toolchain.