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Separate product components are designed to deliver the right information and features to the different team members right when they need them.

As an architect, explore an interactive structural model of your codebase. Specify API’s, dependency constraints, and layering rules. Find regions of complex structure and architecture violations. Plan3 how to break monoliths into modular structures. Simulate structural refactoring work before time is spent on major code editing. Share action lists and specs with Workspace and Build to make it happen.

Start with Studio if you’re new to Structure101!

As a programmer, see how the local code you’re working on relates to the architecture and specs from Studio. Immediately spot dependency changes, new architecture violations or worsening complexity. Connect Workspace to your IDE to easily navigate from problems or model items to the source code, and from source code to model.

Check and record your project structure as it changes. Report on new or worsening structural complexity and violations to architectural specs. Build applies specs created by Studio to the new code, and records data for tracking in Dashboard. Build plugs into your build or CI system and integrates with platforms such as Hudson/Jenkins, Maven, AWS, JFrog, SonarQube, etc.

Track structural over-complexity, the degree of specification and modularity, and the number of spec violations over time. See lists of specific problem code items and containers, including which problems are new/fixed or got worse/better in the last build. Dashboard presents data from a Structure101 repository published by Build. A repository can store data for many snapshots of many projects. NEW: Better still, up your game with the enhanced dashboard plus visualisations and unlimited access to the full dependency database in Soda!


At the core of our NEW Soda component is a dependency database which contains the complete structural model which was previously buried inside Studio and Workspace. It serves as a Structure101 repository which can be loaded into Studio and Workspace, and has an enhanced Dashboard. But it is much more than that! Soda also lets you browse the dependency structure of projects, and perform a wide range of dependency queries via our web frontend or RESTful API. And as it has the data for multiple projects and snapshots, you can query e.g. what is used by what has changed between different branches or builds!

  Available for C#, C/C++, Java, JS/TS, Python… from


  Available for C#, C/C++, Java, JS/TS, Python…


Free companion Connector plugins for Eclipse, Eclipse CDT & IDEA, with Visual Studio and VS Code coming soon.

  Available for C#, C/C++, Java, JS/TS, Python…



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