Web application

The Structure101 web application web-enables a Structure101 repository, providing high-level trending and cross-project reports on the status and integrity of your software architecture. You can go direct to the structure101.com sample open source repository to see for yourself.

browse Java architecture and complexity

Structure101 for Java, Structure101 for Net and the Structure101 plugins can access architecture diagrams and reference structures by specifying the URL of the web application.

Some of the information that is available in the client is made easily accessible in a web browser:

  • Architecture diagrams
  • Dependency matrices
  • New dependencies and architecture violations
  • Size and over-complexity stats
  • Summary reports

Other information is available only through the web application:

  • Cross-project size, complexity and violation charts
  • Size, complexity and violation trends
  • Dependencies and violations that have been removed

As well as making the information available in a web browser, the web application supports RSS feeds that notify of changes in your software architecture.

Don't forget to visit structure101.com to see for yourself.

Download the Structure101 Web Application.