Thanks to Marcio Marchini who developed Doxygen and Understand flavors or “third-party parser plugins”, Structure101, Restructure101 and Structure101 Build now support the parsing of:

  • C, C++ using Doxygen, or Understand from Scientific Toolworks;
  • Delphi/Pascal using ModelMaker, or Understand;
  • beta support for Python using Understand.

So head over to our downloads page if you are working with any of the above and wish to:

  • better understand your software architecture,
  • need to improve communication of your architecture to your development team, or
  • know it’s time to look at refactoring your architecture because there’s too much ‘everything uses everything’.

Getting started is easy! There is a wealth of general “how-to” videos, not to mention:

As one customer who is already up and running put it:

Doxygen parses our ~20 000 C++ files and finds ~100 000 include dependencies between them in less than 15 minutes. Restructure101g eats it up in exactly 30 seconds and Structure101 checks the architecture in about the same time. It is quick and accurate!

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